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Welcome ..... my name is Simon Greenwood. 

I have been restoring British and Continental collectable vintage trains & accessories (clockwork, electric & live steam), together with other vintage tin-plate transport toys for collectors, museums, auction houses and toy dealers for over 30 years. 

I am now retired, and no longer accept commissions, but we keep the website live as we get so many messages from folks who say that they enjoy the pictures! 

Wishing you fun and joy with your hobby. Simon & Joanne Greenwood

My long experience in the sympathetic conservation, repair and restoration of these works of art from the past, has provided me with unique access to some superlative and interesting examples. This, together with my extensive collection of old manufacturers catalogues, books and photographs, has given me a wide understanding and appreciation of how these models were made, painted and finished - as each company had their own very particular style.
My workshop equipped with turning, milling, and pantograph equipment allows me to reproduce missing parts, and repair plate-work. 

My painting skills and facilities enable the livery restoration using similar techniques, style and colours of the original model. The lining, is completed by hand, in the correct manner for the period. For lettering/ numbering and crests I use the original transfers (if available) or appropriate modern reproductions. Sometimes I make my own transfer, if none exists, or hand paint whenever necessary.

My boy hood passion & joy for all things mechanical and my fascination for bringing treasures back to life has never left me, I just got much better at it!

Joanne, my wife, will continue uploading some of our photographic archive of restoration projects from manufacturers such as: Bassett-Lowke, Hornby, Exley, Milbro, Beeson, Leeds, Bing, Carette, Marklin, etc. for you to enjoy. 

We hope that you will find them interesting and inspiring!



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