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Other Vintage Models:

The following are some examples of other Vintage model restoration projects that include  "before" and "after" photographs, together with a description of the work carried out.

To view these
, please click on the underscored file name below, to the right of the photograph, to load the Restoration images:

You will need Adobe Reader 5 or later to access these documents. You can download this free if you click on this hotlink:
download the free Adobe Reader  Get Adobe Reader

Gauge 3 Carette North Eastern 4-4-0 Compound.pdf 
Gauge 1 Ernst Plank Clockwork LNWR 4-4-0 Tender Locomotive.pdf  
1 Inch Scale Allchin Traction Engine.pdf
O Gauge G P Keen 4-6-2 Compound Pacific.pdf
Meccano Aero Constructor No1 Biplane.pdf  
O Gauge Coarse Scale LNWR 2-4-0 Jumbo Hardwicke.pdf
Carette Hippchen Steam Rail Car.pdf
2 inch Gauge Live Steam LBSC 4-12-2 Caterpillar.pdf
Carette Clockwork Gun Boat.pdf  
O Gauge House of Duddy GG1 4849 Pennsylvania.pdf  
O Gauge Williams Hudson - New York Central.pdf

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